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(Assorted media, DVD's and CD)


NB: Much of this is available through our own YouTube channel


P. G. Wodehouse worked in Hollywood over two periods, but was "used" mostly for writing
dialogue and repairing scripts for movies which had little to do with his own stories.
But there have been made some movies based on them through the years, and these are
probably among the better known and satisfactory ones.

(Link-codes: Y = YouTube, A = Amazon, I = IMDb, W = Wikipedia, TCM = Turner Classic Movies)

1915 - A Gentleman of Leisure (I)
1919 - A Damsel in Distress (I)
1919 - Piccadilly Jim (I)
1923 - A Gentleman of Leisure (I)
1933 - Summer Lightning (I)
1934 - Right Ho, Jeeves (?)
1936 - Piccadilly Jim (I) (TCM)
1936 - Thank You, Jeeves (A) (I) (Y)
1937 - Step Lively, Jeeves (A) (TCM) (I)
1937 - A Damsel in Distress (musikk-film) (A) (I)
1945 - Gomorron Bill!(I)
1956 - Anything Goes (Crosby/O'Connor) (Y) (I)
1961 - The Girl on the Boat (A) (I)
2001 - By Jeeves (Andrew Lloyd Webber musical) (Y) (I)
2004 - Piccadilly Jim (A) (I)

Recommended reading:
Brian Taves - P. G. Wodehouse and Hollywood: Screenwriting, Satires and Adaptations.

The Girl on the Boat - 1961


There have also been serveral quite successful TV-series made, mostly based on the
best known and popular serial book/sagas, mostly Blandings, Jeeves & Wooster and
the Mulliner stories.
(n) = number of episodes.

1939 Good Morning Bill (I)
1953 Uncle Fred Flits By (w/David Niven) (I)
1954 Anything Goes (with Sinatra/Merman) (I)
1955 Uncle Fred Flits By (w/David Niven) (Y) (I)
1956 Lord Emsworth and the Little Girl Friend (I)
1962 Anything Goes (NRK - TV *) (I)
1965-67 The World of Wooster (20 **) (I)
1967 Uncle Fred Flits By (I)
1967-68 The World of Wodehouse (13 **) (W) (I) / (I)
1974 The Reverend Wooing of Archibald (I)
1974-78 Wodehouse Playhouse (21) (Y) (I)
1981 - Thank You, P. G. Wodehouse (BBC documentary) (I)
1989 BBC Bookmark-documentary about Plum (Y)
1990-1993 Jeeves & Wooster (22) (Y) (I)
(Read the episode scripts)
1995 - Heavy Weather (Y) (I)
2013 - Wodehouse in Exile (1) (I)
2013 - Blandings Series 1 (6) (A) (I)
2014 - Blandings Series 2 (7) (A) (I)

(*) Musical TV-show made by NRK, the Norwegian National Broadcasting Company in 1962
Based on the musical of the same name, by Cole Porter, text/lyrics Guy Bolton and Wodehouse.
Not bad, since we didn't get television broadcasts in Norway till as late as 1960.

(**) The only episode from the 2 first series that has survived the at that time regular practise
of re-using tapes , med Ian Carmichael and Dennis Price in the lead roles can luckily for us all
still be seen thanks to YouTube:

Based on "The Delayed Exit of Claude and Eustace" from "The Inimitable Jeeves"


Wodehouse also worked for many years on Broadway and London's West End, where he
was a strong influence in modernizing the then somewhat old fashioned and outdated
musical theatre.
He worked with all the great names of that periode, like Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, Oscar
Hammerstein, Guy Bolton, and the brothers George og Ira Gershwin, just to mention a few.
All of them among the great times in the history of musicals.
Several of the shows have also been the basis for some of the classic musical movies made
in Hollywood some years later.
Some of this is available on the net and on CD, and links will posted here "as time goes bye"
Lets start with a nice resource listing the songs he's written/co-written:

Songs by P. G. Wodehouse on dbopm

Wikipedia list of songs with lyrics by P. G.. Wodehouse

Buy Wodehouse Songs on CD by Maria Jette & Dan Chouinard

Audiobooks / Radio

Free Wodehouse audiobooks on Librivox

Listen to (or download) radio-adaptions of Jeeves & Wooster

Many audiobooks are also available on YouTube (complete versions) - Search for "Wodehouse Audiobooks".
Or you can use our own playlist

According to sources the Norwegian Broadcasting Company (NRK) have made two radio series
based on Wodehouse, and both of them are now available in digital format.

Om morgenen er det frydesang (3 episodes) - 1970 - NRK
(probably from the book "Joy in the morning/Jeeves in the morning" - 1946)

Bertrams memoarer (6 episodes) - 1971 - NRK

"The Masters Voice"

In 1974 a LP with the title "P. G. Wodehouse - Speaking Personally" was released, where Wodehouse himself
reads from two of his autobiographical books ("Over Seventy" and "Performing Flea"). We have now published
this on YouTube in two parts of appr. 25 minutes each.

"A Wodehouse London Walk"

A Wodehouse London Walk - DVD

DVD-verion of N.T.P Murphy's "A Wodehouse London Walk".
FB-note with information

"For Mr. Wodehouse there has been no fall of Man; no "aboriginal calamity." His characters have never
tasted the forbidden fruit. They are still in Eden. The gardens of Blandings Castle are that original garden
from which we are all exiled.
... Mr Wodehouse's idyllic world can never stale. He will continue to release future generations from captivity
that may be more irksome than our own. He has made a world for us to live in and delight in."

Evelyn Waugh (1961)

And that is the spirit in which the content of this page aspires to be presented.

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