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(from the Penguin edition of "Lord Emsworth acts for the best" - 2001)



The P G Wodehouse Society (UK/Int.)

The Wodehouse Society (US/Int.)

The P G Wodehouse Society (NL)

The Russian Wodehouse Society (RU)

The Swedish Wodehouse Society (SE)

Les Amis de Plum (FR)

The Drones Club of Belgium (BE)

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Madame Eulalies's Rare Plums (a treasure chest!)

P. G. Wodehouse (Page run by Arrow Books)

PG Wodehouse Bibliography (incl. original covers)


Fans of P G Wodehouse (Open group)

The Drones Club (P.G. Wodehouse Fans) (Closed group)

P G Wodehouse Quotations (and similar material) (Open group)

P. G. Wodehouse - Illustrated (Page)

P. G. Wodehouse (Page)

A Toast to Plum (Page) (Page)

P. G. Wodehouse in the Globe Newpaper (Page)

The Wodehouse Project (Page)

Drones (Page)

P G Wodehouse Covers (Page)

Articles/Blogs/Essays etc.

Lev Grossman - In praise of Wodehouse (2011)

Hugh Laurie: Wodehouse Saved my Life - in The Daily Telegraph (1999)

Stephen Fry: What ho! My hero, PG Wodehouse (The Independent 2000)

Wodehouse, P.G.: Jeeves and Wooster (1915-1974) (Blog)

Plumtopia: The world of P.G. Wodehouse (Blog)

Ashokbhatia (Blog)

I and books - Wodehouse-posts (Blog)

Wodehouse-related posts in Zanysigsag's Blog (Blogg)

Bertie Wooster's familietre (og venner)

PG Wodehouse's creative writing lessons (Sam Jordison in The Guaridan - 2014)

PG Wodehouse biography on

Plummie (Nice article in The New Yorker - 1960)

The Annotated Psmith Project by Rebekah (Blogg)

Ted Scheinman on Wodehouse and Psmith (Los Angeles Review of Books (2014)

What Great Writers Read is Wodehouse - By Charles E. Gould, Jr. (2010)

Paris Review Interview (Gerald Clarke -1975)

The Genius of Wodehouse - by Roger Kimball (The New Criterion - 2000)

Wodehouse: The Wizard of Words - by Ramendra Kumar (2014)

Annie Hall in Blanding (Allen and Wodehouse) by Baradwaj Rangan - The Hindu (2015)

Bully's Comics Blog - A Wodehouse a Week (Book Reviews)

Richard Seymor om P. G. Wodehouse

Mark Nenadov - Why Should I Read Wodehouse

Blandings Castle: The Genius of the Place - Daniel McInerny (2013)

God and Bertie Wooster - by Joseph Bottum (2005)

Russians are going wild for P G Wodehouse - by Adrian Blomfield, The Telegraph (2007)

New Republic - James Wood - on Wodehouse: A life, by Robert McCrum

The Guardian - Alison Flood - PG Wodehouse refused immunity from UK prosecution, documents reveal (2012)

The Wall Street Journal - Wodehouse Complete by Everyman/Overlook Press (2015)

Blog post: Dinosaurs Aren't Aunts, or P. G. Wodehouse and Tolstoi not bad (2012)

Plenty of room for stupidity: on P. G. Wodehouse - by Brad Leithauser, The New Yorker (2014)

A lotus-eater in Hollywood - Robert McCrum - The Observer (2014)

P. G. Wodehouse, the writing-machine with a tragic twist - A. N. Wilson in TLS (2011)

The Plum Deal - P. G. Wodehouse, by Deepti Menon (2014)

P. G. Wodehouse - Preface to "Thank You, Jeeves"

The P. G. Wodehouse/A. A. Milne Feud - Blog post (2013)

P G Wodehouse at Home - ILN (PDF-file) (Feb. 1973)

Read Wodehouse online

Wodehouse e-books on Project Gutenberg

Read early books/stories on Classic Reader

Read early books/stories on Online literature

Unpublished texts on Madame Eulalie (A treasure chest!)

Stories from "The Strand" on Madame Eulalie)

Selected poems by Wodehouse

Wodehouse in Norwegian - pdf's on

Banditter på basaren - 281268

Banditter på basaren - 1968 (pdf)

En kort avhandling om Shakespeare - 1945 (pdf)

Fair play for publikum - 1934 (pdf)

Fotografier - 1934 (pdf)

Gift i suppen - 1958 (pdf)

Gledelig jul - Godt nytt år - 1933 (pdf)

Thrillers - 1934 (pdf)

Resources/Usefull's bibliography of Norwegian Publications (pdf)

PG Wodehouse Bibliography (incl. original covers)

The Wodehouse short stories (Neil Midkiff's complete and updated short story bibliography)

The Wodehouse novels (Neil Midkiff's complete and updated novels bibliography)

Wikipedia list of songs with lyrics by P. G.. Wodehouse

Wikipedia list of fictional loacations in Wodehouse

Wikipedia list of Wodehouse characters (truly useful)

Wikipedia: Blandings (very informative)

Full pictures of original English book covers

Pictures of all 99 covers in the Everymans/Overlook-editions

List of first publication of "Series" Short Stories (pdf)

A P. G. Wodehouse Coverage - Collection of Book covers (international)

Danish site with bibliography UK/US-ed. (incl. cover pictures)

Everyman's Library - Wodehouse Series (UK)

The Overlook Press - Wodehouse Series (US)

Songs by P. G. Wodehouse on dbopm

Jeeves and Wooster on Radio and TV

Jeeves & Wooster TV-series 90-93, Read the episode scripts

Johan I. Borgo's Wodehouse-page with bibliography

Listen to (or download radio-adaptions of Jeeves & Wooster

Watch this page for future updates.

"For Mr. Wodehouse there has been no fall of Man; no "aboriginal calamity." His characters have never
tasted the forbidden fruit. They are still in Eden. The gardens of Blandings Castle are that original garden
from which we are all exiled.
... Mr Wodehouse's idyllic world can never stale. He will continue to release future generations from captivity
that may be more irksome than our own. He has made a world for us to live in and delight in."

Evelyn Waugh (1961)

And that is the spirit in which the content of this page aspires to be presented.

Copyright © 2014 - Morten Arnesen (a.k.a Joss Weatherby)

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