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(selection of my own covers/books)

Books in Norwegian (Covers)

99,9% complete, sorted alphabetically and showing corresponding UK-titles.
First publication in 1928 - latest in 2004
(Some images will hopefully be updated with better quality versions when available)
(latest update: 11.03.15)

Alle-tiders-fulltreffer-1953 Alle-tiders-fulltreffer-1982 Amor-øper-løpsk-1980 Anonyme-peppersvenner-1974 Bryllupsløyer-1951 Bryllupsløyer-1975 Den-tjenende-ånd-1952 Den-tjenende-ånd-1977 en-jomfru-i-nød-1938 Franskbrød-og-arme-riddere-1957 Franskbrød-og-arme-riddere-1978 Friskt-mot-Jeeves-1965 Friskt-mot-Jeeves-1981 Friskt-mot-Jeeves-2004 Frøken-Jill-ved-teatret-1928 Gjemt-men-ikke-glemt-1963 Handlingens-mann-1961 Handlingens-mann-1981 Hjerter-i-kval-1980 Hjerter-i-kval-1999 høk-over-høk-1934 høk-over-høk-1973 høk-over-høk-1980 Jeeves-den-uforlignelige-1941 Jeeves-den-uforlignelige-1972 Jeeves-den-uforlignelige-1981 Jeeves-den-uforlignelige-1991 Jeeves-den-uforlignelige-2004 Jeeves-og-diktatoren-1940 Jeeves-og-diktatoren-1977 Jeeves-og-diktatoren-1999 Jeeves-og-diktatoren-2004 Jeg-stoler-på-Jeeves-1956 Jeg-stoler-på-Jeeves-1974 Jeg-stoler-på-Jeeves-1993 Jeg-stoler-på-Jeeves-2004 Keiserinnen-av-Blandings-1935 Keiserinnen-av-Blandings-1972 Keiserinnen-av-Blandings-1980 Kjenner-de-mr-mulliner-1952 Kjenner-de-mr-mulliner-1974 La-Psmith-greie-det-1935 La-Psmith-greie-det-1951 La-Psmith-greie-det-1971 La-Psmith-greie-det-1979 lett-tjente-penger-1949 lett-tjente-penger-1977 Maanelyst-på-Blandings-1950 Maanelyst-på-Blandings-1977 Omnibus-1981 Omnibus-1991 Omnibus-1991 Onkel-Dynamitt-1960 Onkel-Dynamitt-1978 Onkel-Dynamitt-1995-Storskriftforlaget Onkel-Fred-i-vårstemning-1941 Onkel-Fred-i-vårstemning-1976 Penger-i-skjul-1948 Penger-i-skjul-1976 Penger-som-gress-1951 Penger-som-gress-1982 Penger-som-gress-1993 Perler-piker-og-Monty-Bodkin-1973 Piccadilly-Jim-1939 Piccadilly-Jim-1951 Prøv-noe-annet-1959 Prøv-noe-annet-1981 Psmith-i-banken-1941 Psmith-som-journalist-1940 Ring-på-Jeeves-1954 Ring-på-Jeeves-1991 Ring-på-Jeeves-2004 Ring-på-Jeeves-1975 Salig-i-sin-tro-1979 SOS-Jeeves-1962 SOS-Jeeves-1978 SOS-Jeeves-2004 Superdupert-Jeeves-1979 Svin-på-skogen-1964 Svin-på-skogen-1981 Svin-på-skogen-1993 Takk-skal-de-ha-Jeeves-1935 Takk-skal-de-ha-Jeeves-1973 Takk-skal-de-ha-Jeeves-1981 Takk-skal-de-ha-Jeeves-2004 Tanter-er-ikke-gentlemen-1975 Tanter-er-ikke-gentlemen-1999 Unge-Mordreds-ildfulle-kjærlighet-1949 Ungkarslotteriet-1958 Ungkarslotteriet-1978 Utmerket-Jeeves-1934 Utmerket-Jeeves-1951 Utmerket-Jeeves-1971 Utmerket-Jeeves-1981 Utmerket-Jeeves-1991 Utmerket-Jeeves-2004 Utmerket-Wodehouse-dnb-1973

Several stories also appear in different omnibus editions:

1981: Utmerket, Jeeves • Takk Skal de ha, Jeeves • Jeeves den uforlignelige
1991: Ring på Jeeves • Utmerket, Jeeves • Jeeves den uforlignelige
1993: Jeg stoler på Jeeves • Svin på skogen • Penger som gress
1999: Jeeves og diktatoren • Hjerter i kval • Tanter er ikke Gentlemen
2004: Jeg stoler på Jeeves • Friskt mot, Jeeves
2004: Ring på Jeeves • Jeeves den uforlignelige
2004: S.O.S Jeeves • Utmerket, Jeeves
2004: Takk skal de ha, Jeeves • Jeeves og diktatoren

See complete cronological bibliography (UK and NO)

All Norwegian editions are published by:
Aschehoug Forlag (H. Aschehoug & Co)

Pictures of most of the original English covers can be seen on this page (among others):

Full Pictures of Original Wodehouse Covers

"For Mr. Wodehouse there has been no fall of Man; no "aboriginal calamity." His characters have never
tasted the forbidden fruit. They are still in Eden. The gardens of Blandings Castle are that original garden
from which we are all exiled.
... Mr Wodehouse's idyllic world can never stale. He will continue to release future generations from captivity
that may be more irksome than our own. He has made a world for us to live in and delight in."

Evelyn Waugh (1961)

And that is the spirit in which the content of this page aspires to be presented.

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